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Characteristics of the German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dogs tend to be “one person” or “one family” only dogs.

  • A German Shepherd Dog does not think that every person it meets is its best friend.

  • German Shepherd Dogs are a bit suspicious of strangers.

  • A German Shepherd Dog usually picks someone in the family to be his/her person in the family.

  • German Shepherd Dogs tend to be somewhat aloof towards strangers.


Beware of the “land sharks”

  • German Shepherd Dog puppies can be quite mouthy and like to grab hold on to anything that moves. Young children often become unwitting targets of playful biting. Don’t be surprised if you have a permanent attachment to your trousers whilst walking around the house. Mopping floors can become quite a mission when a German Shepherd Dog puppy is around.

  • Puppies will “attack and destroy” anything, whether it moves or not, so keep your valuable possessions out of reach.


Expect a busybody nosey-parker

  • German Shepherd Dogs follow “their person” in the family everywhere, even to the bathroom; your privacy is therefore out of the window... They are busybodies and want to know what you are doing all the time.


Hair, hair everywhere…

  • Dog shedding occurs in almost all dogs and it is a natural process of eliminating (shedding) dead hair. German    Shepherd Dogs have double coats, i.e. a soft undercoat, and an outer and much coarser topcoat. German          Shepherd Dogs can shed profusely, blowing their coat twice a year in what seems like endless loads. "Blowing coat" is a term that describes the heavy shedding that takes place about twice a year. If dog hair is an issue for you, then this breed might not be for you. However, there are measures you can take to minimise excessive shedding. Frequent (say once a week) grooming with the correct grooming tools, correct diet, adding coat enhancers and so on.


Ruffians by nature

  • German Shepherd Dogs tend to rough-house with both people and other dogs. What to you might seem like an assassination attempt is merely a playful rough-and-tumble to your dog.


Vocal rock stars

  • German Shepherd Dogs are vocal dogs. They bark and whine for a variety of reasons (excitement, unbridled joy, stress, to get attention, to get food, to let off some steam, etc.). They are not quiet dogs.


Health issues

  • A well-bred, well-raised (includes good nutrition) German Shepherd Dog has no more or no fewer health problems than any other breed. It is indeed predisposed to many canine diseases but, realistically, a small fraction of the total population develops a terminal illness. In general, it is a healthy breed.

  • Dogs, as with humans, at some point, develop illnesses associated with old age: arthritis, kidney disease, blindness, cancer, etc. Nobody reaches a ripe old age without being affected by age-related afflictions; this is also true for dogs.


There is light at the end of the tunnel

  • If you take time to bond with your puppy; socialise it; train it; keep it active; ensure that it is healthy; etc. practically all German Shepherd Dogs become well-mannered and well-behaved members of their human families; loyal to the end.

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