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“Take this trouble for me: Make sure my shepherd dog remains a working dog, for I have struggled all my life for that aim.”


Captain Max von Stephanitz

1864 - 1936

By "working dog" he primarily meant, herding dog. However, he realised that German shepherds could do other work as well: guard dog, sentry dog, personal protector, guide dog, messenger dog, sniffer dog, and so on.

Max von Stephanitz favoured the sheepdogs from the Thuringa and Würtemburg regions

The Thuringian dogs were viewed as the show dogs – full of vigour, erect ears, wolf grey in colour, wiry and course, small and stocky and according to von Stephanitz highly energetic and often very impudent and even untameable.

The Würtenburg dogs were seen as the working dogs, they were large, some very large with big bones and a swift gait, many had non erect ears, had a tendency to curled tails and according to von Stephanitz did not bubble over with “joie de vivre”.

Snippets taken from an article written by Louis Donald

(SV Foreign Judge) on the history of the breed.

Max von Stephanitz bought a dog that he particular fancied and renamed him after his own kennel (von Grafrath). Horand was recorded in the SV breed register as the first registered German Shepherd Dog.

First show

First Breed Survey - 1922


Those who have written about the history of the breed highlight a number of males that have had an impact on the development of the breed. The modern German Shepherd Dog as we know it today started with the impact that Quanto von der Wienerau, Quando von Arminius and Uran vom Wildsteiger Land had on the breed. I have listed prominent dogs that are acknowledged by many in the GSD fraternity to be influential males in modern time. 

Sieger is the German word used for


SIEGER - 1899


SIEGER - 1978


von Grafrath

SIEGER - 1986


von der Wienerau

VA 9 1986/VA 6 1987


von Tannenmeise

SIEGER - 1993

Jeck von Noricum

SIEGER - 2011/12


SIEGER - 2008/9



du Haut Mansard

SIEGER - 2000

Ursus von Batu

SIEGER - 1992


von der Wienerau

SIEGER - 1986/87



von Arminius

SIEGER - 1984/85

Uran von der

Wildsteiger Land


von der Wienerau


vom Fichtenschlag

Palme von der Wildsteiger Land

“Walter Martin told me  that Palme was the ugly oversized sister of Perle but, according to him, she would, and proved to be the foundation of the breed as we know it today”.

Martin Göbl (von der Wildsteiger Land)

Palme produced 2 double Siegers with 9 Siegers in total

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