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“Hot Spot” (Pyotraumatic dermatitis) is a bacterial infection of the skin associated with inflammation and is extremely uncomfortable for the animal.


How does a Hot Spot come about?


  • Commonly caused by bacteria

  • Broken skin become infected

  • The skin becomes macerated due to chronic exposure to moisture (Licking)

  • Circulation has been impaired



Hot Spots can be caused by:


  • Allergies e.g. fleas, food

  • Parasites

  • Fungal infections

  • Immune incompetency

  • Conformation e.g. coat length, skin folds

  • Skin is broken due to grooming, scratching or irritants

  • Foreign bodies i.e. thorns, grass awns, etc.


Treatment for Hot Spots


If you notice a Hot Spot forming early on, apply Terramycin spray or a similar product. The earlier treatment starts the easier it is to treat Hot Spots.



Beginning stages

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