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* VA(SA) – Excellent select

Awarded only at the National Breed Show if an official SV Judge officiates. The grading is awarded to the very best dogs over 24 months of age.



The German word for the winner is sieger. In essence the “champion” of the specific class that the dog competed in.


Breeder's Medals

Points are allocated to the breeder on the basis of qualifications obtained by dogs bred by the breeder.

Points for achievements are as follows:


Bronze                    50 points

Silver                     100 points

Gold                      200 points

Platinum              500 points

Diamond           1000 points

A maximum of 70% of the points calculated for a medal must consist of breed awards. A maximum of 30% may be from training awards.


Points system

Points are allocated as follows:


VA(SA) - 15 points

V(NBS) - 8 points                                                                                                                                                          

V - 5 points                                                                                                                                                                 

Angekört (Breed Surveyed), TSB Pronounced - 8 points                                                                                 

Angekört (Breed Surveyed), TSB Present - 4 points                                                                                        

Angekört (Breed Surveyed), TSB upgrade present to pronounced - 4 points                                               

Angekört (Breed Surveyed), “For Life” - 4 points                                                                                                   

IPO 1 - 4 points                                                                                                                                                             

IPO 2 - 6 points                                                                                                                                                            

IPO 3 - 8 points                                                                                                                                                             

Endurance test (AD) - 2 points                                                                                                                                                                      

IP/VGP may be an alternative for IPO - 15 points                                                                                                 

Presenting a progeny group at a National Breed Show  (Stud dog bred by the breeder) - 20 points                                                                                             Presenting a Kennel Group at  a National Breed Show - 20 points                                                                                                                  


Top 20 Show Kennel of the year competition

All progeny bred under a kennel name is allocated points as indicated below.

Each time a dog is shown in an official Federation show and receives the highest possible grading for its class (except in the case of the national show where the grading V(NBS) is also included), it will be allocated points as follows:

VP - Very promising (Vielversprechend) in the puppy classes (6-9m and 9-12m) - 1 point                                                        

SG - Very good (Sehr gut) in classes 12 months up to 2 years - 3 points                                                                                         

V - Excellent (Versüglich), awarded at breed shows other than the national show - 5 points                                                     

V(NBS) - Excellent (Versüglich) - (NBS) means awarded at the National show and includes the courage test - 8 points       

VA(SA) - Excellent select (Versüglich Auslese) - (SA) means awarded in South Africa -15 points                                                                          


The sire or dam of each dog:

awarded Surveyed (Angekört), TSB Pronounced - 8 points                                                                                                                   

awarded Surveyed (Angekört), TSB Present - 4 points                                                                                                                         

upgraded Surveyed (Angekört), TSB Present to Pronounced -4 points    

awarded Surveyed (Angekört), "for Life" - 4 points


* TSB (Triebverhalten, Selbstsicherheit, Belastbarkeit) - Drive, Self-assuredness, Stress tolerance


Kennel Group competition

A Kennel Group (Zuchtgruppe) is composed of at least three, and at most five, animals of a kennel. The dogs must participate in the show where the kennel group competition is part of the program, each dog must receive the minimum show grading of “Good” (G). The animals in a group must have the same coat length (Long coat or Short Coat). The group is judged according to the following criteria:


Uniformity of the group                          40%

Quality of the individual animals           40%

Similarity to the parents                          20%

VA(SA) - Excellent Select
Breeder's Medals
Definition: Sieger/Siegerin
Top 20 Show Kennel competition
GSDFSA: Kennel Group competition
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